" We are always greeted with kindness and a smile, I couldn't be happier with this professional yet warm group of folks :)) "
- Carolyn C.

" Team Ortho is a warm and inviting place with professionals who really care about their clients. They make coming to the orthodontist office a pleasure. The facility is state of the art equipped with technology for the young at heart up to the very mature adult. The team is very flexible and on standy by waiting to accommodate any problem. You won't find a better place for your orthodontic needs. Go Team Ortho! "
- Latasha S.

" Team Ortho is a warm and inviting place with professionals who really care about their clients. They make coming to the orthodontist office a pleasure. The facility is state of the art equipped with technology for the young at heart up to the very mature adult. The team is very flexible and on standy by waiting to accommodate any problem. You won't find a better place for your orthodontic needs. Go Team Ortho! "
- Latasha S.

" I give Dr.Jacobus and His staff A+. I thank everyone for taking care of our 2 daughters Danielle,Shaylea. "

" What isn't there to love? Incredible staff! Fun games and drawings for patients. Numerous sources for appointment reminders. Up to date on the latest technology - Dr. Jacobus stays educated with the latest developments in orthodontics. Charitable work in the community! I can't think of a thing that my family doesn't love - it makes the experience of braces something to look forward to rather than something to dread. "
- Caryollynn-Lynn H.

" My daughter and I have both had the pleasure of having out teeth straightened by Team Ortho! The Dr., the staff and the environment is always wonderful! Actually felt sad to have my braces removed.... "
- Vicki T.

" My son always loves going to the orthodontist. The staff and dr make it an easy going experience for my son JJ. Thanks for all your work to help my sons smile be top notch. "
- nicole J.

" Very professional and friendly office. Staff are wonderful with my daughter, flexible scheduling, would recommend Dr.J and her teeth are looking beautiful. "
- Diane C.

" Great with the kids! Toria is so excited that she looks forward to every next appointment. The staff are great!!! "
- Christina M.

" The staff is wonderful and kind ! "
- Katkleen M.

" The staff is always so friendly and helpful. Dani amazes me how she can remember my son and I, even with all the patients she serves every day! The contests that the practice offers as an incentive, is just plain ole fun. Great job!!! I would highly recommend Dr. Jacobus' office to anyone!!! "
- Julie W.

" My daughter,Faith, has been seeing Dr. Jacobus for several years; she just got her braces off and is wearing a retainer. Faith's teeth gave Dr. Jacobus a slightly different challenge due to the shortness of her root system in the front of her mouth. Dr. Jacobus was great; He was kind, patient and did everything possible to make the straightening process easy, while keeping me informed of the challenges that he faced. He is a true professional. In addition to Dr. Jacobus' support, his office staff was wonderful. To anyone looking for a professional, competent, and friendly Dr. of Orthodontics I would highly recommend Dr. Brian B. Jacobus. "
- Janie T.

" I have nothing negative to say!! Anyone in the office from Dr. J to the great staff is wonderful. love you guys and I would recommend anyone to the office... "
- susie W.

" I think you guys are awesome.. You make my son Mathew feel very comfortable. Very clean facility and very friendly staff. Couldn't ask for a better experience... Thank you "
- Maria G.

" Awesome! Totally caring! the whole office goes above and beyond for the patients! "
- Leanne V.

" Great orthodontist!!! My children receive excellent care from Dr. Jacobus. The office staff is very organized and friendly. The office understands that our time is valuable and does not keep us waiting. "
- Sean C.

" I think you guys have great service. Your staff is always friendly and well tempered. "
- Leilani B.

" You are all a joy! Almost makes me wish I needed braces....almost. "
- Matt C.

" Both of my children come to Team Ortho. Dr J and is staff is great. The office staff and the financial aspect is wonderful. My 1 daughter comes every 6 months for check up to get ready for her braces. My other daughter has her braces. I would not even think of going to anybody else. "
- Andrea M.

" From start to finish on one of my boys , and now my second child
very accomadating for appointments , broken wire, easy financing, helpful,
Don't see Dr J much, but I'd rather he keeps to schedule,not late on appointment time, which, I'm a time freak so that goes down well
Great job team ortho, keep it up
I already given your office referrals ,recommend your office for ortho every time "
- sandra C.

" The office staff is amazing. Without them, we wouldn't be able to juggle schedules and payment plans! Thanks Ladies! "
- Susie S.

" The office is very organized, you go in and out in less than 15 min. Dr Jacobus knows what he's doing and you know your child is in good hands. "
- Gigi M.

" We love Dr.Jacobus and the entire Team Ortho staff!!! We feel they give Madison the best care and always look forward to seeing her. We are comfortable with the recommendations they offer to keep Madison receiving the best in orthodontic treatment on the Treasure Coast! We also make sure to let anyone know looking for an orthodontist that they should go for a consult and see what we are taking about!!! Thank you for everything:-) "
- Kimberly D.

" My daughter was very nervous about getting her braces. Team Ortho spent extra time with her, explaining all the steps and the whole process that she would go through. They catered to her concerns and put her at ease. I would definitely recommend Team Ortho to anyone who needs orthodontic care. "
- Briana H.

" The best experience ever! We had 3 opinions before choosing an orthodontist and have never regretted our decision to join Dr. Jacobus and his wonderful team. "
- rachel L.

" Best orthodontist and Ortho office imaginable! I love the great service, the reminder emails, texts, phone messages, and the friendly service of everyone at the office. Always fast, friendly, helpful with a smile. I love the kids entertainment, TV's to watch, best magazine variety I've ever seen at a dr's office. I actually look forward to taking Sean, and with his braces off now, he has the most perfectly straight teeth! Wow, you all should pat yourselves and each other on the back for providing such a great service. "
- Maureen G.

" Dr Jacobus and his staff are all very caring, passionate and professional!!! Ive been a patient along with both of my children now a little over 14months. I work in dentistry and refer patients all the time, because.of the care.that my family receives here.. thank u for all that youve done and are continuously doing. "
- kelli M.

" Absolutely wonderful people. I would highly recommend Team Ortho to everyone I know!! "
- Brandi W.

" Dr. J and his staff are top notch!! The entire process of getting braces on and off is made very easy. I am very satisfied on the service provided, and extremely grateful in what Dr J was able to do for my teeth. "
- Jason D.

" Great Service. Wouldn't choose any other Orthodontist.!!! "
- Samuel L.

" a wonderful orthodontist! "
- Dee C.

" 3 kids..no complaints!! You all rock!!!! "
- Kim M.

" I love Team Ortho! My son saw Dr. J for braces and now my daughter is being treated. I have called for last minute appointments-wire cutting into my child's cheek and they are always willing to squeeze them in. The entire office staff is always friendly. I am so glad I choose Team Ortho for my children's orthodontic needs. "
- Debby M.

" My daughter's teeth look great! Team Ortho was willing to provide easy payment plans if needed. I am so happy with the quality of their work, my son will be getting his needed braces from Team Ortho. "
- Kristin G.

" Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I love that when I come in that I do not have to wait very long before being seen (mostly I go right back). When I call and leave a message I actually get a call back. It is great. "
- Tammy S.

" Dr. Jacobus' office has been just wonderful to us. Everyone on staff is always pleasant and courteous. My daughter has received such great care there and continues to do so. I have two more girls and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. They call me with concerns and make great efforts to make sure that we understand everything that is going on with her treatment and what to expect. I have recommended Dr. Jacobus to many friends and family and will continue to do so. "
- Myrna B.

" I really like how professional and happy all the staff seem everytime we visit. I love the email and voice calls with appointment reminders. My son likes being able to pick the rubber band colors and being spoken to as adult that is responsible for his teeth and mouth care. I am very happy with the care you give my son and the great and easy customer service you provide to me. "
- JoAnna M.

" At Team Ortho I was always greeted with a friendly atmosphere. The staff was always helpful and polite and made me smile every time I walked into their office. Dr. Jacobus is great and knows what he is doing. This place makes you feel like part of a family. "
- Kiira M.

" I love Dr. Jacobus and Team Ortho!!!! They rock and are so caring. I love that they really get to know us!! "
- Jacquelyn W.

" Our whole family loves Dr.J and the team ortho staff. Thanks for giving us straight pretty teeth! Only two more days and my braces come off!! YIPPEE ! "
- Suzanne E.

" Great customer service/ very professional staff "
- Jean A.

" Dr Jacobus' office is the best. My sister's smile came out great. I'm sure mine will too and they even bake us cookies! "
- Jonathan P.

" I went to Dr. Jacobus for my braces because I trusted him to do it right. Years ago he did me and my brothers braces. Even though I was young I could tell how nice my teeth were coming along, and when My family and I were deciding where to go for my second set of braces, we knew for a fact we couldn't go anywhere else. Thank you so much for my beautiful smile! "
- Kira L.

" We had the Best experience with Dr.J and his staff! Thank you! "
- Tiffany Z.

" From the moment you walk into Dr. Jacobus office you are greated with warm, caring, and phenomenal service from the staff and Doctor. Will always highly recommend this office! "
- Rachel L.

" I have always been embarrassed by my smile, but now thanks to team Ortho I can smile with confidence. The office staff and Dr J are always pleasant and friendly. I am thrilled with my new smile and wouldn't go anywhere else for braces! Thank you team Ortho!! "
- Angela R.

" My sons dentist suggested braces we went to a few places for consultation and once we came here to Dr Jacobus we knew we were at the best place. Everything from his staff to his office to himself were absolutely perfect. I have enjoyed this experience and tell all my friends about it. Thank u for everything. "
- Dena J.

" I love this office! Both of my children have had wonderful experience. The office staff is warm, welcoming, and easy to work with. Dr. J is meticulous about the teeth being perfect when he finishes with them. I have always felt comfortable recommending Dr. J and staff for any and all orthodontic needs! "
- Margaret B.

" From the first day we stepped through the front door of Dr.Jacobus's office, we were treated like family! Dr.Jacobus and all of the staff were so kind and their professionalism was astounding! There was never a single problem nor concern with the treatment plan and the results are wonderful! We recommend Team Ortho to every family who needs orthodontia! "
- Jayden B.

" Every since we started to come here it's been a great experience, their service is outstanding. They are always making sure the customer is happy. Their attitude and spirit makes it more enjoyable and exciting to come to our visits. Overall they're amazing and I'd recommend anybody to come here! "
- Nancy S.

" After over four years of having kids in braces, I am extremely saddened that my baby is finally done! Dr. Jacobus and his fabulous staff are the most wonderful caring people I have ever met! Thank you being so good to my children and making them look even more beautiful! "
- Lisa S.

" Always prompt, personable, and professional. Makes patients and their families feel welcomed and right at home every time we visit the office. Dr. Jacobus and his staff has done an amazing job with my oldest son that my 7 year old is determined that he needs braces! I guess you can say this office and the staff has made a "little" impression. ;-) "
- LaTanya G.

" We love all the staff here and my son is happy with the Dr. thats why we travel every month to get my sons braces adjusted. I would recommend to any family! "
- Marisol C.

" I first met Dr. J 27 years ago. I had just moved fom another state and had an accident wherein I "fractured" my front teeth - I was required to have braces put on - Again - I just had them taken off less than a year prior. Dr. J did a great job. So naturally when it came for my son to have braces - who would I turn to? Of course - Dr. J - And a FANTASTIC job once again! Thank you! "
- Nancy M.

" I really do appreciate the staff at Dr. Jacobus office. I'm always greeted with a smile and they are always on time! Both of my daughters look forward to their appointments and enjoy going to this office! It makes my summer even more enjoyable! Thank you Dr. Jacobus for making getting braces a positive experience for us all! "
- Denise O.

" Team ortho has always been so caring and friendly! Every appointment has been great! "
- Janel M.

" Always greeted by a friendly face. The appointments are pretty quick in and out visit. My teeth are looking so much better and I still have time left in my braces. Thank You :) "
- Lilah F.

" Seriously, there is nothing you guys can do to make it better! The staff has become very dear to me and you too Dr. J! "
- susie W.

" It was an amazing experience here. My daughter Brianna and I came in two years ago hoping that there was hope for her, and two years later she is now able to smile again that is a blessing. I want to thank Dr. Jacobus from the bottom of my heart and especially a big thanks to his staff for always making us feel so welcome.
Thank you,
Brianna Laurenceau

" Melissa my daughter has been with Dr. Jacobus for over 2 years. I love the care she has received. I love the girls that are there and are always smiling. Thank you for taking care of Melli's teeth the before and after pictures are the best. "
- Edna M.

" When I was searching for a local orthodontist, I was also looking for an office that took payments. I called Regency Dental first. They didn't have a payment plan persé, but they had what was called a 'medical credit card'. Unfortunately, I knew we wouldn't qualify due to our credit history, so they were out of the mix. I then called Dr. Jacobus' office. WOW! I got Dani on the phone and that was all she wrote!!! The whole office staff worked with us on a payment plan that we could afford. reyana was in! After Reyana had been a patient for awhile, we learned that a lot of her friends were either current patients or past patients of Dr. Jacobus. With that information, it just solidified our decision and we knew that we had made the right choice. Through the duration of her braces, we had a few serious issues at home. That we had to deal with. Needless to say we missed an appointment or two due to those issues. We didn't think anything of it and then we received a card in the mail. One was a get well card for me when I was sick with pneumonia and another time was for our dog when she got hit by a truck! She's fine now! Dr. J has the BEST STAFF IN THE WORLD!!! Thank you all for your genuin laughter, concern and friendship!!! (Even when I got called to the "principles office" for Reyana not wearing her bands as she was instructed)

- Jodi J.

" The staff at team ortho is the best! "
- Tyler E.

" After a poor orthodontic experience with our first son, we took our second son to Dr. Jacobus and Team Ortho. They were so pleasant and professional,l that even after we moved to Ft. Myers we decided to travel back and forth to PSL for his remaining visits. This week the braces came off and we are so pleased. It was well wort the effort and Luke has a beautiful smile to prove it! "
- Stephanie R.

" This is my second time as a patient of team Ortho and both times I had amazing results, my teeth come out perfect! The staff is amazing everyone is extremely nice and genuinely caring! "
- Nahar H.

" Excellent prompt appointment. Quite a difference from the normal office visit! "
- John L.

" What a wonderful experience. We are so pleased with Kate's smile. I tell everyone that needs or is interested in orthodontic care that Dr. Jacobus is the man. We can't wait to bring Christine in for her evaluation. Thanks again for everything. "
- Katherine W.

" I love Dr J and all his staff. They are so kind and friendly. The office is fun! "
- Tara C.

" Thank you so much for many years of great service. Kaley has had them one day and we have already recommended another person. (Jasmine Massey) hopeful her Mom Heather will call you. Great as usual. "
- Sonja L.

" I came to Dr. J after already having braces 10 years ago. He and his staff are amazing, they got to know me, made everything easy and cost effective for me. I always looked forward to coming to my appointments because everyone is soo nice. If I ever had an issue they always got me in right away and worked with my work schedule for appointments!!! I recommend them to anyone who is looking into getting braces. The only negative thing I have is that it will be 6 months before I get to come back and see them again. Great place and I love my new beautiful straight teeth!!! "
- Sarah G.

" My son loves going there and we moved to Orlando recently and I go back so he can continue treatment there! "
- Marisol C.

" Great, friendly atmosphere. My daughter enjoy going to her visits and so do I when I am taking her. Please receive all all the stars available. Regards, DJ "
- Donald J.

" I have enjoyed coming to the office for every appointment. The staff is always so cheerful and happy. It makes for a great experience. "
- trevor A.

" You guys are the best! Couldn't ask for nicer people or better orthodontic care!
Thanks.....both my kids have great looking smiles. "
- Jeanne L.

" I love the girls there they are always positive. You can see that they truly enjoy their jobs. I would highly recommend your office to anyone. "
- Patricia I.

" My son had a wonderful experience and is very happy to be apart of your practice. Everyone in the office was so helpful and nice. You guys are doing a great job! "
- misty T.

" I got my braces on the first day of freshmen year and now I am getting them off in the last days of my junior year. I loved coming to the office! I will definitely miss everyone. They always were flexible and worked to fit in my schedule. I am glad I got to share this experience and grow up with the office! "
- Demi D.

" My daughter's orthodontic experience is shared by the entire family. During our first visit, the consultation, our family received a warm, friendly welcome. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure our visit is a positive one. They answer questions, provide support, and always do it with a smile. At first I thought "Team Ortho" was just a cutsie cliche that supported the sport decor of the office. We have come to learn through experiencing Dr. Jacobus' office that "Team Ortho" describes the culture of this fabulous office environment! Thank you, Team Ortho. You are ALL winners in our eyes. The Lewis Family : ) "
- Margie L.

" I have been coming to you for about 1 1/2 years. I have had nothing but the respect from the entire staff. I can only say what an awesome group of people. "
- Debbie S.

" Friendly staff, and all of three children have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Jacobus. "
- Daniel D.

" Get to really know us and takes time and cares ,recommends you to everyone! "
- Nicole C.

" Everyone in the office is SUPER friendly and EXTREMELY welcoming!!! They always know your name and who you are not just another customer. I have referred a couple of people that I knew to the office because of their AWESOME service ;) "

" David has been seeing Dr Jacobus for a few years now. He is in Phase Two with his braces. Your office has been great with David and I couldn't ask for better care from all of you. Thanks for making this a pleasant experience for David. "
- Debbie V.

" Love all of you there. Always a pleasure coming in. Friendly and personal. Thanks to all. "
- Joni V.

" Great service, friendly staff "
- Jacqueline W.

" My son is very happy going there and likes the care he is receiving! "
- Marisol C.

" Great customer service! I'm really glad I chose to come to Dr. Jacobus. Everyone is so friendly, easy to talk to, and the appts were so quick. He did a great job with my teeth, and I love my new smile! I would definitely recommend Dr. Jacobus for anyone whose looking for an orthodontist. :) "
- Marine C.

" Everyone in the office is awesome. Right from the start Dani, Aubri and Diane remembered our names. We are always greeted with a smile and a friendly hello. The service is great too - never have to wait. I was just thinking on Monday how glad I was that we were referred to Dr. Jacobus and his staff. AWESOME!! "
- Corrine A.

" I don't now where to begin. I started with your offices when I brought my daughter Shannon, for a consultation. It was a pleasure to walk into an office where there were friendly, smiling faces. Your staff seemed genuinely glad to see us. We got all our questions answered and no question was to silly. I also had a consultation while there. We decided to go with Shannon first and let me tell you I am so pleased with the results and so is Shannon. People comment on her smile all the time. This made my decision to take the leap and get my teeth done too. The office visits are always pleasant and so is everyone that works there. It seems that they can not do enough to make everything go smoothly. Dr Jacobus has a wonderful side manner and a great sense of humor. He is very professional and will explain everything to you in terms you can understand. I have a little more time for my braces but am excited to see the final results. I know they will look great. I would and have recommended your offices to a number of people.
Thank you all for all your kindness and smiling faces.
Sheila "

" The personnel at Dr. Jacobus' office are outstanding. They are friendly, expert at their jobs and professional. The appointments are scheduled carefully and adequate reminders are given. You never wait. They are on time and you are efficiently taken care of. I can't wait to see my grandson's teeth at the conclusion of the treatment. "
- carol B.

" Everyone was very friendly, professional, and caring! "
- Janel M.

" Team Ortho is a very professional organization with a friendly and personal staff!! It is always a pleasure to come in office and receive the best service in dental care! "
- Valerie A.

" Team Ortho did my brothers braces so there wasn't a question of where I would get mine. The team Ortho staff are so nice it's fun to come to your appointment! I tell all my friends to come here because team Ortho really is the best! "
- Katelyn W.

" As a parent who had braces, it was so important to provide Hunter with a better experience. We met with other providers; but the moment we walked into Team Ortho we were sold! The warm greeting (EVERY TIME!), kid friendly waiting room, knowledgable staff, toothbrush to brush, touch screen sign in. The staff and Dr. Jacobus are amazing and I only wish I could give more stars! "
- Kimberly S.

" I did not have my full treatment with Dr. Jacobus, as I did not live in the area. My dog ate my retainer and I had to have Dr. Jacobus fit me for a new one. He is awesome and the staff is friendly and helpful!! A great team that I would recommend to anyone in the treasure coast area!! "
- Ashlee L.

" Office staff is incredible always cheerful and friendly, the appointments are seen on time and quick, Dr. Jacobus is very informative and nice! "
- Don M.

" Great service. Always friendly and professional. "
- Charla H.

" So happy I chose Dr. Jacobus' practice for my sons braces. Doctor is great and the staff is so friendly and helpful. My appointments are always on time we never are left waiting. I will definitely recommend this practice for anyone needing braces! You guys rock!!! "
- Maura F.

" Everyone is helpful and friendly! Great service. "
- Jackson M.

" My daughter Kristi is/was a patient of Dr. Jacobus. We have nothing but great things to say about him and his staff. The staff is always friendly, the wait time is minimal and Dr. Jacobus is wonderful. My daughter's braces are now off and her teeth look beautiful. We were extremely happy with Dr. Jacobus. "
- Debbie C.

Great Job on all three of our kids.... " Great Job on all three of our kids. "
- Daniel D.

My family and I are so happy that w... " My family and I are so happy that we found Team Ortho years ago. My oldest daughter has already completed her treatment and now has a beautiful smile that she is proud of. Now we have our second oldest daughter going and she is as happy as can be! Team Ortho is not just a business looking for your money they really know what they are doing and care about the patients and their families. Every time you walk in you are greeted with a smiling face and a cheerful hello. When you set up your appointment that is when you will be seen, both my daughters have never waited past their appointment times to be taken care of. The office is always very clean and kid friendly too with video games and multiple flat screen TVs and the best part are the freshly made cookies for the kids (and adults) on the way out! Thanks Team Ortho for everything you do! "
- Debbie G.


" Great office and very friendly staff. It is nice to go into a office and they instantly remember your name. My daughter was feeling down one day and the even mailed her a card in the mail to cheer her up. My daughter is afraid of most dentists, but she always feels safe and comfortable when she is here. Thank you for the friendly warm service. Once my daughters braces are off my son will be next. "
- Nicole C.

" I can't say enough good things about Dr. J and his wonderful staff. Both of my kids have had braces and I have referred many family and friends to their office. The professionalism and knowledge that Dr. J has it shows in the treatment of his patients, it's like he's the "wizard" of orthodontics. The staff is friendly and just out right amazing! "
- Angelique B.

" Dr. Jacobus is a great orthodontist! His staff is very friendly and always helpful. They will do their best to work around your schedule. "
- Michelle A.

" My two children are patients of Dr. Jacobus. We absolutely love everyone there! The office staff is pleasant, helpful and efficient! They made the whole process easy and effortless; from the billing,appointments to answering any and all questions! They are so top notch! My children always felt important and were treated with individual care! Thank you for making our experience a great one! "
- Elizabeth D.

" The experience my son and I have gone through out this time small period is was amazing. They welcomed us with joy and open arms. The staff was amazing to us. Thanks you guys for everything "
- Carolle S.

" My children Christopher, Gabriella and I were evacuated during the Egyptian revolution. At the time we were living there for 2 years and had a local orthodontist treating them. Once evacuated our home base was Port St Lucie. This was to be our home for the next 6 months. It was imperative that Chris and Gabs continued their orthodontic treatment and we were referred to Dr. Jacobus by my sister-in-law, Chris Thomas.
Dr. Jacobus started treatment on both kids. He was very professional, answered all questions that I had and made improvements on what the Dr. In Egypt had done. He was also willing to continue treating my kids after our return to Egypt, ensuring that we had a supply of the necessary acessories such as bands etc. He saw us during the Christmas and Summer breaks and ensured that I was informed on ongoing treatments. We have been very happy with Dr. Jacobus and his entire team, who are always warm, personable and friendly. They are willing to assist with appointments, referrals and always responded promptly to any emails I sent to them.
The office is very inviting, lots of games to entertain kids and reflects Dr. Jacobus' love of sports. My daughter Gabriella enjoys the music that's played in the background during treatment as it relaxes her. She especially likes Dr. Jacobus as he is very easy to talk to and addresses any concerns that she has.
I would highly recommend Dr. Jacobus, Team Ortho is truly the ultimate in Orthodontic Treatment."
- Sandra T.

" Dr. Jacobus and staff were very friendly. I would recommend him as an orthodontist to anyone. Thank you for his wonderful smile :-) "
- Amy E.

" Wonderful experience-the staff is terrific-never had a wait and always helpful and professional "
- Cassie B.

" We are very satisfied with the professionalism of the staff. Thank you so very much for working with us and making every visit for Julia a pleasure . Julia's teeth look amazing thanks to dr jacobus and staff. "
- Alicia R.

" Our family is so grateful to have Dr. Jacobus as our Orthodontist. Our daughter needed braces and Dr. Jacobus saw her through the entire process. Her teeth look beautiful. We now have our boys in the assessment phase for braces. We are thankful for this process, just in case the boys need braces in the future. Dr. Jacobus is a kind and friendly orthodontist who makes the children feel at ease in what could be a stressful experience. We also love the staff!! We always feel welcome and enjoy visiting the office. We enjoy the many contests and community work that the office is involved as well. We truly love the people and the experience at Team Ortho! "
- Lara D.

" Ever since i first got here, everyone was so nice! Dr.J and staff took great care of me and my teeth! Thank you everyone, your the best!! "
- Mia W.

 " I had such a good experience with The Ortho team. I am so happy with the results and cannot thank them enough. If any one needs braces this is the place to be. THANKS ORTHO TEAM <3 xoxoxoxo "
- Chelsea W.