AcceleDent FAQ

Q. Who are candidates for the AcceleDent™ System?

A. The AcceleDent™ System can compliment any type of orthodontic treatment, so any orthodontic patient is a prime candidate!

Q. I am using the AcceleDent™ System. How will I know if it’s working correctly?

A. After you’ve begun using the device, your orthodontist is able to measure your tooth movement. He or she will be able to tell you how much faster your teeth are moving.

Q. Is AcceleDent™ safe to use?

A. A university has researched AcceleDent™ and performed many studies on humans as well as animals. It is safe to use as directed by your orthodontist.

Q. Will the AcceleDent™ System cause me any pain while using it?

A. No. Users in clinical trials did not indicate any more soreness than usually associated with orthodontic treatment.

Q. Is the tingling I feel while using AcceleDent™ normal?

A. Yes. Patients normally feel a vibrating sensation the first few times that they use the device. The more you use AcceleDent™, the more this tingling will decrease as you become familiar with the vibrations.

Q. How much force should be used to bite down on the mouthpiece?

A. Proper usage indicates that you bite down on the mouthpiece with enough gentle force to keep the device in place without holding it in your hands. We ask that you do not “chomp down” on the mouthpiece as this will wear out.

Q. The recommended daily usage time is 20 minutes. Will my teeth move more if I use it longer than 20 minutes per day?

A. Longer usage times have not been tested, and therefore we can not say that longer usage times indicate greater results.

Q. How do I clean my AcceleDent™?

A. After each use, rinse the mouthpiece with lukewarm water. Occasionally, you may brush the mouthpiece using toothpaste, mild soap or a soft liquid dishwashing soap. We recommend wiping the activator with a damp cloth, and cleaning the metal contacts on it with cotton swabs. Do not put the appliance in the dishwasher.

Q. Can I share my AcceleDent™ System with a sibling or family member who is also undergoing orthodontic treatment?

A. No. Your AcceleDent™ mouthpiece has been fitted specifically for you. It has been prescribed to you by your orthodontist for your use only. By sharing your AcceleDent™ System, you run the risk of spreading germs and diseases as well.

Q. Can the AcceleDent™ System record my usage?

A. Yes! When you dock the activator on the charging port, the device records your usage history. You can view your usage details on the smart display.

Q. How long will my AcceleDent™ System stay charged, and how often should I recharge it?

A. When the device is fully charged, it will last for 100 minutes – or 5 days of 20-minute treatment. We suggest only putting the device on the charging port when it is indicated that the battery is low by the battery gauge on the activator.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page on the AcceleDent™ website!